All love quotes that end up making you cry, actually help you come out of that emotional depressing state of mind. Coming across sad love quotes sometimes makes you feel as if the deep quotes were written for you. Heart rending quotes have the pain, the anguish to make your eyes swell with tears. Though they bring tears to your eyes, love quotes comfort your grieving heart, and help you to release the pent up emotions.

मे कभी बुरा नही था
और उसने मुजे बुरा कह दिया
फिर मे बुरा बनने मे लग गया
ताकि उसे कोई झूठा ना कह दे

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Hindi status for whatsapp is a cool new thing. WhatsApp status provides people space to share their feelings, thoughts and emotions in a few words with people of their contact list. Hindi whatsapp status allows people to express themselves comfortably. Often when giving a status in English, people get uncomfortable. When you give your status for Whatsapp in hindi, it is like you are being true to yourself. A true hindi identity is reflected in your status when you give your whatsapp status in Hindi. This part of the world has amazing sayings, cool jokes, brilliant poetry, heart touching events and so much more that people like to talk about. All of that in your small whatsapp status is a skill to have. So, get creative and give hindi status for whatsapp.

प्यार दो दिल से होना चाहिए
किस्मत का कया है
वो तो कभी भी बदल सकती है

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Sad Shayari is that the expres sad feeling of lovers. Very Sad Shayari in Hindi is treanding search on the Internet. Every breakup lover loves read sad shayari, very bad condition when our heart is break, then we search sad poetry on internet, So friends, we have brought some very sad shayari for you in Hindi and English font. You can read a beautiful collection of Sad Shayari here.

ना कोई वक्त है मेरे सोने का
और ना ही कोई वक्त है मेरे रोने का
कभी रोते रोते सोते है हम
तो कभी सोते सोते रोते है हम

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