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Wednesday 19 February 2020

good night quotes

Good Night Quotes: The sun has sat down and the moon appeared spreading its glittering dim light all over. Night, the time to go in the arms of the bed. It’s the favorite time for all of us. Its extra cheese for the laborers as they struggle and consume the energy throughout the day. It’s time for kids to visit the wonderland and have the sound sleep. For lovebirds it’s the time to be one soul and have some magical moments of love. It’s an immense soothing time for the parents after the tiring day. What if hadn’t made night? The human beings would have extinct from earth working for the whole time. To give rest to the body God gave a beautiful and luxurious gift night. Wish your friends and near & dear ones good night with these good night quotes, wishes and messages.

good night quotes

बीता हुआ कल बदला नहीं जा सकता,

लेकिन आने वाला कल हमेशा आपके हाथ में होता है!

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